<<Juanita la poderosa>>

Juanita La Poderosa is undoubtedly one of the fastest varieties in our catalog. Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos is one of the new feminized genetics.

It is a plant capable of containing the best characteristics of its ancestors, with a high quality result in all senses, aromas, flavors, structure and power.

The growth of this powerful indica is branched and easy to grow, responding well to pruning and growing in SCROG. Will produce a plant that looks like a dominant indica hybrid, branched but with flexible stems, which will show its full potential if we direct it. It is easy to grow, robust and adapts well to all types of growing systems.

It will offer us a yield of up to 500g / m2 of hard and heavy buds in about 55 days.

Hybrid of two titans Made in USA.

50-55 days of flowering to reach a dark and tight harvest.

It has a sweet, floral and spicy base, with touches of citrus along with hints of earth, a minty aftertaste, really a very special flavor.

This combination of flavors and smells gives it a bouquet that very few plants are capable of transmitting during consumption.

It is a great producer of resin, flooding even the nearby leaves, which makes it perfect for lovers of extractions.

In addition, its aroma is so intense that it is a delight on the palate, combining very sweet and fruity nuances with earthy, citrus and exotic pastry notes.

Its effect is very powerful, relaxing, psychedelic and pleasant, illuminating your brain while a strong bodily sensation floods you.

Name: JUANITA LA PODEROSA Do Si Dos x Purple Punch

Genotype: Indica 60% / Sativa 40%

Indoor flowering: +55 days

Flowering outdoors: Beginning of September

Production: High

Taste: Sweet and complex

Effect: Psychedelic and pleasurable

3 seeds
5 seeds
10 seeds
25 seeds