<<Critical Seba>>

Critical Seba is quite a unique strain of its kind.

By combining the famous White Widow, which has won countless Cups, with Critical Mass (which is an improved version of Big Bud).

A dominant, fruity indica herb with an exceptional high has been created. It has a THC level greater than 20%.

The flowering period of White Widow x Critical is around 60 days, very short for a photodependent plant.

When its crystal-packed buds are ripe, the terpenes emit a sweet, fruity and floral fragrance.

Critical Seba seeds are a variety with which even the most inexperienced grower will achieve a harvest to be proud of, thanks to its productivity and also its powerful and very relaxing high.

Its high resistance to pests and mold make it a very easy plant to grow, with an unbeatable smell, taste and production.

Name: CRITICAL SEBA Critical x Widow

Genotype: Indica 80% / Sativa 20%

Indoor flowering: +60 days

Flowering outdoors: Mid-September

Production: Medium/High

Taste: Fruity Floral

Effect: Narcotics

3 seeds
5 seeds
10 seeds
25 seeds