<<Brailyn Haze>>

After having cultivated and compared the different lines of the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana family, FuerThc Seeds presents Brailyn Haze, with an intense and complex flavor and a very powerful effect.

Animal x Animal Cookies is an Indica Sativa hybrid descended from the Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG Bx3 cross, giving more power to the classic GSC.

With a rather short structure and concentrating its flowers at its tips, Animal Cookies responds well to pruning and trellis, while being easily controllable without special techniques.

Its flowering period is 9 to 10 weeks, its flowers take on a lot of density during the last weeks, thus forming hard buds like stones and powdered by the resin.

With an average production, Brailyn Haze is characterized above all by the superior quality of its crop, composed of hard and dense flowers with swollen calyxes and completely covered with resin.

Its terpene profile combines floral and spicy, biscuit and cherry notes on an earthy and sweet background.

The effect of Brailyn Haze is intense, balanced and long-lasting, promoting a good mood and laughter, while being physically relaxing.

Name: BRAILYN HAZE Animal x Animal Cookies

Genotype: Indica 30% / Sativa 70%

Indoor flowering: +70 days

Flowering outdoors: Mid-October

Production: Medium

Taste: Spicy Floreal

Effect: Intense

3 seeds
5 seeds
10 seeds
25 seeds