<<Boss Choice>>

Boss Choice is a more productive Cookies, a cross between Jack Fruit and Animal Cookies: one of the most notable Girl Scout Cookies lines on the market.

This seedling is a balanced poly Sativa Indica hybrid that gives more potency and denser flowers than Jack Fruit; while retaining its high resin production and fruity terpene profile.

Descending from two varieties with strong vegetative vigor, Boss Choice produces vigorous and hardy plants, which can easily multiply 2 or 3 in size during flowering.

Boss Choice combines the qualities of its two ancestors to give a variety with fleshy and highly resinous flowers, with a delicious sweet and fruity aroma.

It offers a medium to high yield with a reasonable flowering time, being ready for harvest after 9 to 10 weeks of flowering.

When growing marijuana outdoors, it can be harvested in October.

The harvest is made up of very hard flowers, loaded with tasty terpenes.

Its flavor and smell are composed of a fruity and alkaline base with notes of cherry on a floral background and of incense inherited from Jack Fruit.

Its effect begins with a light and euphoric feeling, promoting a good mood, before evolving into a more relaxed and contemplative phase.

Ideal for exterior and interior, highly productive.

It is a plant with a strong structure and few leaves that facilitates manicuring. Due to its sativa dominance, we recommend starting the cultivation with a density of between 9 and 16 plants per m2 or doing a SOG with 20 plants per m2 if we put them without growth directly to flowering.

It is important to note that it is a variety that needs a significant contribution of nutrients to develop its full potential.

Accepts and requires a complete and abundant diet during all phases of the crop. It is perfect for both hydroponics and land.

Its resin covered buds make it ideal for a large production of high quality hashish.

In this variety, we will find the fusion of the flavors of the two parents with Haze dominance but fruity and with a touch of citrus to Juanita.

It offers a great diversity of fruit flavors (especially vaporized), inherited from each of its predecessors.

We recommend it to disconnect and let yourself be carried away by the music or to enjoy a moment of tranquility in nature.

The THC: CBD ratio in this genetics is 2: 1. The presence of CBD mitigates the side effects of THC while still noticing euphoria and intoxication.

Name: BOSS CHOICE Jack Fruit x Animal Cookies

Genotype: Indica 40% / Sativa 60%

Indoor flowering: +70 days

Flowering outdoors: Mid-October

Production: Medium High

Taste: Acidulous Fruity

Effect: Contemplative

3 seeds
5 seeds
10 seeds
25 seeds